Sofware and services for emergency management and rescue organisations


When contacting members and external resources it is imperative phone numbers, email addresses etc... are current and with Volunteer Rescue your members can maintain their own profile records.

Phone Service

Make outgoing calls to dispatch groups of members for a task and collect information on who can respond.  Accept incoming calls to operate an information line, start dispatches, connect to a conference call and more.


Rescue organizations constantly place their volunteers in dangerous situations and need to make sure the equipment they use is ready for the job to ensure their volunteers are not exposed to equipment failure and the risks associated.


With volunteer rescue define unlimited event types and store detailed information including why, when, where, who and what was used.  Use this information to track member, equipment and produce detailed statistical analysis of training, searches, rescues etc...

Offline access

The VolunteerRescue offline system provides access to all your groups information at a remote location where there is no internet access.  It is a 99% fully functional system providing all the same features as your central VolunteerRescue service.


Produce detailed reports and graphs of all areas of your organization from members to responses.  Print out or email the reports for presentation to the executive, determine training requirements, identify equipment shortages, etc...


Keep in touch with your members and contacts with both e-mail and SMS.  Define unlimited group based e-mail addresses for distribution to third parties to protect members' personal e-mail addresses.


Access your organizations' information from anywhere, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.


Safety is first and foremost

A search and rescue organizations' primary concern is the safety of both its' rescue personnel and those it is assisting often in remote and harsh locations frequently exposing their search and rescue personnel to risk.  To mitigate the risks a search and rescue organization will need to

  • Provide and monitor training of its' personnel
  • Purchase, inspect and maintain equipment both to protect its' personnel and to facilitate safe access to remote locations
  • Risk assess their working environments at base and in the field for hazards and document
  • For all tasks record what worked and more importantly what didn't and the lessons learned

Why Volunteer Rescue

The lead architect and developer of the service has over 20 years experience designing, developing and supporting mission critical applications for the public sector and has drawn on this experience to create the Volunteer Rescue service. The idea came from his own need for such a service and uses the service daily for a Search and Rescue organization in British Columbia, Canada where he is a search manager.  Read more here...

What's in it for me

Collecting, filing and analyzing all information required to ensure safety is a time consuming task and as volunteers this is often at the expense of family and leisure time.

Volunteer Rescue provides an electronic means to capture, store and analyze this information centrally and enables an organization to access this information using just an internet browser and internet connection.

See our full feature list for a detailed breakdown of what the service provides.