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Offline access in remote locations

The VolunteerRescue offline system provides access to all your groups information at a remote location where there is no internet access. It is a 99% fully functional system providing all the same features as your central VolunteerRescue service.

Remote locations

Searches and rescues often take place in remote locations with no cell or internet coverage which often results in the question "How can we access all our information in VolunteerRescue at the Command Post ?" VolunteerRescue provides an offline system that enables access to all your groups information without requiring internet access.

It works by emulating an internet server locally on a host machine that is provided by your group, this host machine is automatically updated daily with all your groups information from the central VolunteerRescue service.

No need for concern though, you do not need the technical knowledge to build an internet server yourself.  Download an open source package and an image file from your central VolunteerRescue service, follow a few simple instructions and within about 30 minutes your host machine should be ready to support the offline system.  Now just leave the host machine connected to the internet and your central VolunteerRescue service will ensure it is kept up to date with all your groups information.

When the call comes in for an operational task just disconnect the host machine from the internet and take it with you to the command post.  At the command post using a browser connect to the emulated internet server and voila, you can access all the information you have invested time in entering and maintaining in your central VolunteerRescue service.

The offline system is not a compromised system and it provides exactly the same features and is used in exactly the same manner as the central VolunteerRescue system.  The only feature not supported is e-mail, well you have no internet access so there is no point in e-mail.

The system has been tested on host machines using Windows 7, MAC OS X and Linux operating systems.