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Analyze your information

Produce detailed reports and graphs of all areas of your organization from members to responses. Print out or email the reports for presentation to the executive, determine training requirements, identify equipment shortages, etc...


There is little point in collecting all this information if an organization cannot analyze the information in order to work better and smarter in the future; often when applying for grants justification is required based on an organizations activity and analysis reports provide for this.  Volunteer rescue provides a comprehensive reporting module that provides statistical and informational reports for all areas of the service.

The reports are created in an open source report templating package with the resulting output uploaded to the central server enabling reports to be created as and when required without impacting the development of the core service.  This feature means volunteer rescue can create reports as required and made available in the majority of cases without having to wait for a new version of volunteer rescue to be released.

There are over 25 report templates in volunteer rescue but this is only part of the story, all these templates have extensive selection criteria enabling a template to create reports that are filtered on just the information an organization requires.  As has been described on other pages volunteer rescue allows for the creation of custom fields and lists and the real power of these custom fields and lists are that they can also be used as selection criteria to filter reports.

Volunteer rescue can output statistical charts in the usual pie chart, bar chart, line etc... and this output can be included on the paper based reports for printing and distribution as well as on screen in the browser using google visualization.


Below are a few examples of some of the paper based reports