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Centralize information

Access your organizations' information from anywhere, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.


Record keeping for an organization is usually performed by members at home in the evening however this introduces a problem when the information only resides on that members' home computer, when another member needs to access that information the information has to be transferred generally using e-mail or some other file transfer method. If the two members are using different software packages this further complicates the process as viewing and modifying the information is not always possible.

By centralizing all the information on an internet server the above restrictions do not apply and anybody with an internet browser and internet connection has access to the information (security restrictions permitting, see below) whether that be at home, the SAR base or even in the field.


A rescue organization needs methods to keep both its' members and its' local community informed in order to sustain ongoing support and good will and the internet is an ideal tool for this.  Volunteer rescue is built on an industry proven Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal which makes publishing information on the internet very easy; volunteer rescue leverages the power of Drupal for providing a web site leaving its' developers to focus on the specific requirements of a rescue organization integrating the two together in one all encompassing service.

The internet is a technical arena where web pages are written in a cryptic markup language beyond the scope of the majority of members in a rescue organization therefore when creating web pages in volunteer rescue a word processor style editor is used with all the usual word processor buttons for embolding, indenting etc... allowing web pages to be created and formatted just as you would create and format a word processor document.

Using the above a rescue organization can easily create and maintain whatever content they want to publish, for example

  • General history of the organization
  • The area the organization is responsible for
  • Images galleries from events
  • General public awareness and survival documents to prevent common incidents
  • Enrollment procedures for new volunteers
  • Operational procedures for members

The list is only limited by the organizations' own desire.


Whilst creating web pages is a powerful feature not all the web pages an organization will create will want to made available to everybody, some of the information contained on the pages may be confidential and needs to be restricted at different levels, e.g.

  • Publicly accessible
  • Accessible to all members
  • Only accessible to the executive

Volunteer rescue provides the ability to define an unlimited number of security groups and when creating web pages has the option to select which groups are able to view and optionally edit the web page, providing complete fine grained control over access to web pages.  The same security model is also used to restrict access in all areas of the system including

  • Viewing and editing member and contact details
  • Viewing and editing equipment details
  • Viewing and editing events
  • etc...