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Keep contact details up to date

When contacting members and external resources it is imperative phone numbers, email addresses etc... are current and with Volunteer Rescue your members can maintain their own profile records.


Volunteer rescue records contact details for both members and external resources (e.g. suppliers, local outfitters).  Members are the cornerstone of any rescue organization but keeping track of their contact details, who to contact in an emergency, what they are certified in etc... is a time consuming job.  Often these details are out of date and this only becomes apparent when calling a member for a task.

With volunteer rescue each member can maintain their own profile to maximise accuracy and where members do not feel comfortable with computers the profiles can also be maintained by the organization administrators.

Member profile

Volunteer rescue provides many of the fields that an organization would need for a member including

  • Personal contact details
    Basic contact details such as name, phone numbers, address , e-mail address etc...
  • Emergency contact details
    Contact details of the members' emergency contact including name, phone numbers, address etc...
  • Certifications
    A member can select certifications for which they have trained and acquired along with certification date and expiry date.  The certifications a member can select from is definable by the organization and where proof of certification is required the certification can be created requiring verification of certification by an administrator.  A member can opt to be notified by email or SMS when a certification is about to expire so they arrange recertification.
  • Group memberships
    Memberships whilst similar to certifications are separated from certifiactions as they would tend to include group memberships where there is no certification process.
  • Images
    Members can upload images such as head shots to add to their profile and scanned images of certificates, these scanned images can be used in the verification process of certifications where applicable.
  • Availablility
    Members can enter generic times they are available Sunday through Saturday along with adding date specific availability times, they can also enter a date range where they will be out of town.  All availability is taken into account on reports to exclude members who are not currently available.

External Resources (Contacts)

Along with its members a rescue organization will need to maintain contact details of external resources such as suppliers, local helicopter companies, requesting agencies etc...  For these resources the contact information required includes

  • Company name
  • Contact name and position in company
  • Phone Numbers
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Home page for company web site

Volunteer rescue provides fields to collect all this information along with providing the ability to group contacts together to better organise and ease location of on the pages.

Whilst volunteer rescue provides fields to collect a wide range of information on an organizations members and contacts it is inevitable there will be information over and above that provided for that will need to be collected.  Volunteer rescue has the ability for an organization to create its own fields and lists that can be included in the profile edit pages for both members and contacts ensuring an organization can capture all the information it requires.