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See what some of our users think about the VolunteerRescue service.

Jason Tweedie
Team Leader, Alpine Cliff Rescue, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Christchurch Alpine Cliff rescue team have been growing of recent years and we were looking for a management service for the team that could handle our growing needs being a volunteer rescue team that has limited funds each year. We found the VolunteerRescue service online and emailed Scott to find out more, now after 6 months we are still finding new options that VolunteerRescue can help us with. Scott has provided the best support service with fast reponses to my questions while we are in setup phase. Now we can track assets, log events and SAROP's, email and text members with call outs and so much more.......  I'm only using 30% of what it can do I reckon, and the mobile app available works well for all our team members, especially for responding to call outs.
Christchurch ACR team are looking forward to working more with VR and running our team in the future. Thanks again Scott....."

Ed Ehrler
Search Manager at Sparwood Search and Rescue

"I just tried out the app on both my Iphone and android phone, and am definitely impressed with where this is going! I quickly made an edit to my contact info that I'd forgotten about, and registered for an upcoming course and both worked perfectly. With all the record-keeping requirements that are in the new safety plan I can see SAR groups needing a system with an interface that's as user-friendly as possible."

Rowena Volkers
Secretary at Wells Gray Search and Rescue

"WGSAR was looking for a better way to manage our group information. We used spreadsheets and word processing lists to record all our information. After using Volunteer Rescue, we found that we could enter data once and then retrieve the information for our various needs. The support from the Volunteer Rescue staff is quick and useful. Tracking volunteer hours and coordinating events has never been easier and it does much more."

Ross Breakwell
Training officer at Rossland and District Search and Rescue

"With the help of VolunteerRescue I have been putting in some time off and on over the last month setting up a site for Rossland and District Search and Rescue. I feel that the public expects to see an online presence from a search and rescue group and in the future will expect it even more.  That online presence should be clean, polished and professional looking and this is easily accomplished by using the VolunteerRescue service.  If all the SAR teams in the province were using this the public would come to appreciate the easy access to professional looking sites instead of the hodgepodge of assorted sites now in use.  Of course the public image is just the beginning ... once SAR members are logged in the service provides a wide range of efficient and work saving features.  Even though our team is just beginning with the use of this service the potential benefits are obvious.  Thank you VolunteerRescue for making our jobs a lot easier."

Gord Dubios
Equipment manager at Wells Gray Search and Rescue

"Wells Gray Search and Rescue has been using the VolunteerRescue service for some time now and we are finding the service a huge help in keeping track of equipment, training and membership and the ability to track resources and generate reports has been a great time saver for us.  Before we started using VolunteerRescue our information was scattered and poorly organized but with VolunteerRescue we are able to process much more information and access it much easier. We anticipate the system will be a big help as we get more involved in the time consuming demands of the OH&S program being developed by EMBC."