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I want to forward an e-mail sent to my personal e-mail client to a group of members

Posted Mon, 10/29/2012 - 13:15 by vr_admin

Use the e-mail foward address feature (menu option "Rescue organization manager -> Email forward addresses") to create a group based e-mail address and select the recipient(s) of the e-mails sent to the address; recipients can be selected individually, by role, by position or by member status.

When you need to forward an e-mail to a group of members forward the e-mail from your personal e-mail client to one or more of the configured e-mail forward addresses at which point the e-mail will be sent to the VolunteerRescue e-mail server which will recognise the e-mail address as an e-mail forward address and will forward the e-mail to all the selected recipients for that forward address.