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Frequently Asked Questions - Members

Use the "Member certifications" option on the main navigation menu to bulk add or update certification details to a group of members.

Yes, there are two options for additonal fields

Option lists (menu option Rescue Organization Manager -> Option Lists)

If the field is for a defined set of options create an option list, an option list can be defined as a single select list (i.e. radio buttons) or a multi select list (i.e. checkboxes).

Fields (menu option Rescue Organization Manager -> Fields)

This feature provides for fields of type single line text, multi line text date, date & time, currency, number or phone number.

When adding a custom field or list you define which section (tab) on the edit page the field is displayed on and by creating your own custom groups (menu option "Rescue Organization Manager -> Data Groups") you can add you own sections (tabs) to the edit pages.

Custom fields or lists can be added for members, contacts, assets, events, participants added to an event, assets added to an event, event claims, event subjects and event teams and the same field or list definition can be used on one or more to prevent the need to create duplicate fields or lists.

There is overlap between roles, positions and statuses with each one being able to satsify more than one use and there is no right or wrong way to use them however each one has their own restrictions which tend to leave only one suitable for a particular task.


Access to features in VolunteerRescue are controlled by roles in that it is roles that are given access to pages and features.  In order to access a page or feature a member must belong to a role that has the required permissions.

Second to that roles can be used to group members together in teams, it was decided to use roles as in the majority of cases access is restricted by team therefore this kills two birds with one stone and reduces configuration.


Positions are really to be used where one or two members fill a role and generally refer to the various positions on the executive such as President, Secretary, Treasurer and also to positions such as training officer, equipment manager.  Positions do not support access and therefore cannot be used to restrict access to features in VolunteerRescue.


Status refers to the current status of the member within the group and generally relates to whether a member is active, retired, lifetime member etc...  Only one status can be selected per member.