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Frequently Asked Questions - E-mails

Select the recipient(s) of the notification e-mail by position, when the member in the position stands down deselect the position for the member standing down in their account profile and select the position for the member now filling the position.  The current member(s) in the position are determined when the e-mail is actually sent and not when the notification is initially defined.

When editing the member status select the option to "Disable e-mails", whenever sending e-mails either from directly within VolunteerRescue or by the use of an e-mail foward address VolunteerRescue will not send the e-mails to any members that have a status with this option is selected.

Use the e-mail foward address feature (menu option "Rescue organization manager -> Email forward addresses") to create a group based e-mail address and select the recipient(s) of the e-mails sent to the address; recipients can be selected individually, by role, by position or by member status.

When you need to forward an e-mail to a group of members forward the e-mail from your personal e-mail client to one or more of the configured e-mail forward addresses at which point the e-mail will be sent to the VolunteerRescue e-mail server which will recognise the e-mail address as an e-mail forward address and will forward the e-mail to all the selected recipients for that forward address.